Microsoft Access Fixes, Patches and Updates

(Updated 2013/05/06)

All Access fixes are strongly recommended to apply to your systems. 

Access is the Graphical User Interface that allows you to work with tables, queries, etc.   Jet is the database storage system.  They each have their own set of patches.  Most of the time the difference between Jet and Access isn't that important.  However now is that time.  

Access 2000 and newer use Jet 4.0 which is at SP 8.  Thus if you have multiple versions of Access 2000 and newer installed you only need to concern yourself with Jet 4.0.

Access 97 uses Jet 3.5 which is now at SP 3.  Although with the Jet 3.5 SP3 it's actually Jet 3.51 in the references window.  Access 95 uses Jet 3.0.  Access 2.0 uses Jet 2.5

The Developers Version has had a different name and abbreviation in just about each version of Access.   It's basic function, as far as this document is concerned, is to give you a means of distributing a "runtime" version of Access along with your application royalty free.   If you're not sure if you have it installed then you almost certainly don't.
Data Access and Storage Developer Home - Product and Update Downloads This page lists downloads for Microsoft data access technologies, including ADO.NET, Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000).

Microsoft Office Product Updates: Office 2000 and newer are now part of the Office Update strategy which will automatically update your system.  You can still download the updates and patches individually especially if you want to minimize Internet traffic.

Jet 4.0

How To: Obtain the Latest Service Pack for the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine

Access XP (sometimes known as Access 2002)

Office XP Developers Edition

Access 2000

Microsoft Office 2000 Developer

Access 97 (occasionally known as Access 8.0)

Office 97 Developers Edition

Access 7.0 aka Access 97

Access 2.0

Jet 4.0 Version problems.

You should not be at Windows 2000 SP2 as SP3 has a bunch of security and other fixes in it.  Therefore this note should be irrelevant.    There is a problem with Windows 2000 SP2. Q304084 - Access Quits When You Add Data Through a Query After You Upgrade to Jet 4.0 Service Pack 5Jet 4.0 SP 6 is now out and will resolve this problem. While I didn't check for each individual file Win2K SP3 and Win XP SP1 have the Jet updates also contained in Jet 4.0 SP6.

Jet 4.0 SP4 and SP5 are particularly troublesome.  Update them as soon as possible. For example ACC2000: AutoNumber Field Duplicates Previous Values After You Compact and Repair a Database - 257408.