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Security Tips

  > Blaster Worm  
  What you should know about the Blaster Worm
  CERT Advisory (CA-2003-19)
  Fix for RPC Reboot Problem - Windows XP (32-Bit) Only
  To prevent worms like the Blaster Worm from disastrous network effects, we suggest you install a network firewall.  We have years of experience installing and maintaining Watchguard Firewall Products.  Contact MicroNet Technical Services at 480-657-6900 for details.
 > Other Security Issues
  Cryptographic Service Error

Pop-Up Messages


To stop unwanted pop-up messenger service messages under Windows XP, goto Start - ControlPanel - AdministrativeTools - Services.  Right-Click on Messenger and click Stop.  Double-click on Messenger, and change the Startup-Type to Disabled.  Click OK.  This will prevent the service from starting next time you start Windows.

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