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Technical Support

  Good Advice:  
  Hire a professional.  Unless your computer has nothing but games, don't trust your valuable information to a friend or relative that "knows computers".  Hire a professional.  
  If you choose to use someone who "knows computers", keep our number handy (480-657-6900).  
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The profitability of your business depends on the productivity of your employees.  Whether you have technical problems with your network (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls), servers, workstations, printers, other peripheral or simply need to know how to use a particular function of an application, MicroNet Technical Services can help.  You'll work with a technician that knows your systems inside and out.  And rest assured that you will work with the same technician every time.

> MicroNet Provides
● Experienced Staff
● 24 Hour Support
● Immediate Response
● Virus/Intrusion Protection
● Network Server/Workstation Support
● Network Hardware/Software Support
● Support for All Microsoft Products
● Support for Proprietary Products

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